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MyMedWall is the missing link in healthcare. We are working hard to connect our patient members with medical providers. Click below to get started looking through our Community Health & Allied Directory!

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MyMedWall offers you, the patient, access to a wide array of medical providers. By searching through our flexible and comprehensive database of providers, we connect you to the top tier doctors and healtchare organizations for your specific needs. Through MyMedWall messaging and through your telephone connection, you can directly contact the providers that interest you.


This tool will help you identify fellow colleagues and resources within your community. This can be used as an outreach tool with in your community and outside. You can achieve a significant marketing and branding advantage using this interactive resource directory.

Community Partners

It partners with independent non-Profit or not-for-profit healthcare service in a community that focuses on health and wellness and creates an interactive virtual health and allied services in that community to the consumers and healthcare providers.